Performing In Front Of The Mayor and Mayoress of Walsall – 21st March 2013

This is me performing in front of the Mayor and Mayoress of Walsall for the Mayor’s Charity Appeal on 21st March 2013. I was on first, and my first poem – I Can, I Will I Am! – was preceded by some ad-lib acting that was supposed to portray the nerves that everyone was feeling behind stage.

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Hay (Na) Ku #2

Hay Naku – or Hay (Na) Ku – is a 21st Century poetic form comprising 3 lines. The first line contains one word, the second line two words, the third line three words.

Several Hay Naku can also be stringed together, as I have done here…

Jump I
Into the sky

And higher
Jumping so high

That’s me!
Up I fly!

Hay (Na) Ku #1

Hay (na) ku is a relatively new form of poetry. Invented by poet Eileen Tabios in 2003, it is written in 3 lines; the first line contains one word, the second two words and the third line three words.

This is my first attempt at Hay (na) ku. I have tried stringing four Hay (na) ku together…

Chase Girls
Around the playground

Run away
From the boys

The children
Keep running around

Of children
making childish noise

I Could’ve Been In Smoggy London

I could’ve been in smoggy London
But I’ve got a better gig to go to
At Bloxwich Bookmark Theatre
With Bruno and the crew
I’ve heard it said that Bloxwich has no class
And is full of common folk
And like the rest of Walsall
Is the butt of outsiders’ jokes
But there’s no place I’d rather be
On a Friday night
Than Bloxwich Bookmark Theatre
For the Open Mic!
There’s great musical acts
Like Floor 6 and Freeze
And talented poets like Tom Wyre and Al Barz
They really are the “Bee’s Knees!”
And not forgetting the Bard of Bloxwich, of course
That’s me!
Yes, Bloxwich is just brimming
With raw talent
If you come along you’ll see
So if you’re in Bloxwich town on Friday night
And at a loss what to do
Then come to Bloxwich Bookmark
And let us entertain you!

Don’t Quit!

This inspirational poem was inspired by a quote I read from Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” – Thank you Robert! :)

If you quit right now
You’ll never realise
The extent of your full potential
And someone else will take your prize

So pull up your every last strength
From deep within your soul
And remember that every time you fail or fall down
You’re one step closer to your goal!

When We Make Love

When we make love,
It feels so right.

When we make love,
In the middle of the night.

When we make love,
Our spirits join together.

When we make love,
It feels like forever.

I don’t want to make love,
To anyone else but you.

Because when we make love,
My soul, it is renewed.

When we make love,
My fears and self-doubts retreat.

When we make love,
I feel so complete.

When we make love,
When we make love,
So, let’s make love.

Overworked, Underpaid

Weighed down
Pressed down
Stressed out
Wanna shout
Gotta get out
Get away
Need a holiday
Some time to play
Want some me time
Free time
Not just at teatime
Below my grade
No time to get laid
Too much work
No time to shirk
Boss is a jerk
Driving me berserk
Breathe deeply & count to ten
And then…
Let’s start again

Steamy Windows and Umbrellas

This is a prose. So there are no line breaks. Just in case you’re wondering…

Chinese New Year. Creating special memories with a special friend. Sharing a bottle of rosé. As we talk we seem to have so much in common. We seem to have so many dreams and aspirations. Or have I got it all wrong? Are you the one with whom I can build a new life? I pause for a moment, lost in my own thoughts. As I imagine us in our old age, having spent a lifetime sharing love, sharing life. And then I’m awoken from my dream, my fantasy when she says, “I’m sorry, I can only be your friend. I cannot be your lover.”

As she speaks these words, I wait for my heart to break; for streams of love mixed with tears to come oozing out like the rush of water from a ruptured dam. But instead – and to my surprise – I feel calm and comforted by the fact that you will always be my friend. For at least I’ll always have you in my life.


Namaste means peace
So brothers and sisters unite
Your tension and hatreds release
And let love shine on the world its light

Namaste means a world of true love
That covers a multitude of sins
A gift sent from above
It spreads across the world, but starts from within

Namaste – my spirit bows to you
My sister, my brother
Uniting the whole world through
Namaste is a word rich in meaning, like no other

Happy Imbolc!

Happy Imbolc! Let Spring spring
And with it bring
The first signs of new life
Let the birds sing
Their joyful songs
Let the fields be clothed with throngs
Of flowers and blooms
Let the the sun in its full glory
Lift the gloom
Of Winter’s cold story
Let the buds on the trees
Come forth with ease
It’s a joyful day
Spring is on its way

Welcome Imbolc! Let Spring spring
And with it bring
The first signs of new life

Moving Ever Forward (With Or Without Me!)

And so, another day is wasted
As I spend it dithering
Trying to decide what to do
Waiting for the right time to show itself
But it never does
And so my life just slips away

I try to stop
But time moves on without me
Leaving me behind like an abandoned child
Left at the roadside by its mother
Watching, as she drives off
Into the distant horizon

“A little more sleep
A little more slumber
A little more folding of the hands”
Whilst I decide what to do
Or where to go

“To sleep, to die
Perchance to dream!”
Say I
But the Universe just ignores my request
Moving ever forward, with or without me!

How long must I linger
In this state of laziness?
How long must I remain bereft
Of motivation to act decisively?
Trapped I am, like a fish in a net

Lest I forget
The lessons to be learned
As the pages of time
Continue to be turned
Moving ever forward, with or without me!

Our Everlasting Journey

Far beyond the starlit sky
Amongst the galaxies and celestial bodies
Travels a wondering spirit
Not lost, but travelling with purpose
To its destination – Home

Home is where the heart is
Or so it is said
But my home is always with you
And there I will stay forever more
Ready and waiting for your beckoned call

Whether I am in body or whether in spirit
I will never leave your side
For this is where I belong
This is where I will forever reside
Until you too leave this earthly plane

And when that day comes
I will be ready to welcome you
With warm embrace
As we continue together
Our everlasting journey of love and light

Celestial Healing

A star was born, this historic night,
Who shone upon this world His glorious light.
This star did not need a reality show.
For His purpose in coming everyone would know,
As soon as they heard His name,
That He was destined for eternal fame.
After the sun has set & the moon has risen,
His glory rises from the event horizon.
Transcending the glory of Saturn’s rings,
The world stands a gasp as He starts to sing,
And vocal harmonies resonate,
Far beyond the Lion’s Gate,
Bringing joy to a world once shrouded in darkness,
And covering hearts with His healing stardust.
As wondering spirits hark at the wisdom of the Sage,
Who beacons in the Aquarian Age.
Setting the scene for a new world stage,
Where Peace unites all in Universal Harmony,
And True Love reigns for all eternity.

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